AbbVie - Psoriasis

Our task was to create buzz around the topic, Psoriasis. A Psoriatic patient mom and a socially sensitive celebrity mom created a social experiment. The celebrity tried what it is like to live with Psoriasis for one week with the help of a make-up artist who painted psoriatic plaques on her hand. She posted pictures on her social media channels (Facebook, Instagram) where the fans and journalists started to gossip soon about the “strange lesions” – “Oh My God, What Happened to Kata Sarka’s Hand?” asked on its main page which is one of the most popular tabloid media in Hungary.
In the second phase of the project classical PR activity started: the patient mom and the celebrity shared their experiences in several interviews, radio and TV channels, we send out a disease awareness press release, organized interviews with PS experts around the country and infographic directing traffic to the website of the campaign called PsOrigo (

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