Unicum Image 2016

Unicum ‘16

Celebrating the 225 years of Unicum ACG was asked to visualize the Hungarian history in parallel with the story of the Zwack family, while the objective was to dramatize the brand message—Mere Positivity—of Unicum. We pictured the hard work, the fight and the positive attitude that typifies the Zwack family and in general Hungarians as well. Therefore, the story of Unicum and the Zwack family is recalled within the most illustrious eras of Hungary from the last 225 years. We aspired to endear the story of the country with the Hungarians—thus the picture of a pride, agonistic, spirited nation come into the limelight as the same wit, desire for freedom and creation characterize the always positive Zwack family and the Unicum brand. 739

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