E.ON helped festival goers to step up their game. Literally.

You probably already know that our energetic client, E.ON’s main mission is to create a greener future by using sustainable energy. Our job this time was to let festival goers know just that, so we created an app that rewards them for nothing but what  they do: partying. With the E.ON Mozdulj.ON app people got the chance to earn rewards on a daily basis with very little effort. We counted every step they took at the festival which they then turned into shiny rewards!

The math was easy: the more you step the better prizes you get. So people partied, then came to the E.ON stand at the festival and turned their well earned steps into party caps, lazy bags or the most beloved one, the UNICORN MATTRESS. At the E.ON stand they also had the chance to have a rest and charge up for the upcoming concert, use free Wi-Fi or to charge their phones… with solar power, obviously.

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